Investors agree to pay a percentage agreed upon for investment of each horse. In return the Investor will receive the same percentage from their horse's earnings from purses, claiming or sale income. When any horse of Irish Eyes Stable, LLC is sold privately or claimed from a race, Irish Eyes Stable, LLC Management is to receive five percent of said amount.

Partners or Investors will receive before March 25 of any calendar year a K-1 statement for your tax return.

All expenses for the care, upkeep and training of the horses will be paid by the Investor according to their percentage of investment. A statement will be sent once a month showing income from the percentage of horses and expenses.

If the investment shows a profit at the end of each quarter the Investor can opt to receive funds or keep credit in their account with Irish Eyes Stable, LLC.

All decisions about the disposition of each horse will be made by majority with due consideration given to the input of Irish Eyes Stable, LLC partners

If an investor is interested in selling their interest they must find his or her own buyer; any sale is subject to a right of first refusal of the partners. All buyer must be approved by Irish Eyes Stable, LLC.

Investors Agreement