Racing partnerships

Joining a Thoroughbred horse racing partnership is one of the most affordable and smart ways for new owners to enjoy all the fun of an insider in an entirely new world for a fraction of the cost. By spreading out the costs of a race horse and relying on experienced industry professionals to select and manage their horses, people with no or limited equine background can increase their chances of a successful experience in one of the most rewarding sports around. Rather than owning 100 percent of a horse and losing the entire investment if the horse retires prematurely, some investors choose to invest in smaller shares among multiple horses to minimize risk. Partnerships are also a good option if you just want to dip your toe in the water before committing significant resources to building your own stable. You can participate in and learn about the industry from the ground up before venturing out on your own.

Irish Eyes Stable offers a percentage in each thoroughbred they purchase or claim from a race. The minimum buy into a horse is five percent or one share. The initial investment covers the purchase price of the horse and all expenses from the date the horse was purchased until the beginning of the current month. These expenses cover training, veterinarian supplies and fees, vanning, blacksmith, legal fees and tax preparation. Our partnerships offer the comfort and safety of risk shared among a group of investors. The pooled assets of our partnership will maximize our ability to purchase high-quality horses that might be unaffordable to a single investor.

Partners are billed monthly in a detailed statement. Monthly costs will vary depending on if the horse is training at the race track or at a training center in Ocala FL. Unanticipated veterinary costs can also increase monthly costs. The monthly cost of ownership at the race track is estimated at $150.00 to $200.00 a month, based on five percent ownership.

Irish Eyes Stable is to receive five percent for first, second and third place finishes. If the horse is sold at a profit, Irish Eyes Stable will receive five percent of the profit. No other management fees will ever be charged, and there are no mark-ups on expenses.

There are multiple ways to earn a return on your investment in addition to participating at the highest level of racing. The first way is through purse earnings. Owners of a horse earning a purse will receive a disbursement check within 10 business days. The second way is through the revenues earned if the horse is sold. The horse may be sold for racing or breeding. For instance, if a mare has been successful on the track, having won a stakes race or, even better, a graded stakes race, her value will increase dramatically as a breeding prospect and may be sold by the partnership. Horse racing can be expensive, and you may not recover all the money you have invested. You should not invest solely to earn a profit, because there are no guarantees of financial success. Having said that, with risk there can be enormous rewards. Irish Eyes Stable is dedicated to maximizing our partners' chances of success.

A racing management team works as your own personal equine manager. Now you can immediately enjoy all the fun and excitement while leaving the day to day management decisions to our professionals.